DC Mayor Does 180 on Stadium Financing


If no news is good news, then their must be a lot of it in regards to the proposed stadium for DC United at Poplar Point. It feels like it's been ages since we heard anything -good or bad- about the project, but that all changed today. The Washington Post and The Examiner are reporting that Mayor Adrian Fenty is back on board with the project and has agreed to use at least $150 million in taxpayer dollars to fund the $230 million stadium.

That certainly sounds like good news but before all you DCenters start throwing your celebratory tailgate down on the Anacostia there are two things you should note. One is that there is a press conference today to announce this but no mention of it on MLSnet and the other is that a spokesman for DC United principal owner Victor B. MacFarlane is quoted in the Post today as saying "We do not have any deal with the District."

Do I think this is going to happen? It certainly looks like it but I think there still might be a ways to go before the ride is over. But if a little patience is what's needed to keep this club in the district then by all means, United fans should start studying Buddhism or something.


Anonymous said...

This is what they call forcing the hand.

Rumor has it that DCU is near a deal on a property purchase outside of the city and Fenty is in the know in regards to it. Now that he's seen that the club is serious about moving he's not looking to have another Redskins type loss under his reign.

charlton heston said...

Just sell us the land dumba** Fenty. I want no part of DC ownership when VBM offered to build it outright.

United should make all efforts to retain all revenue means and ways.