Your Captain Needs You

Hey you know that band Death Cab For Cutie? You know how the singer has that other band The Postal Service that's not so much a side project but more like something that he does because he really loves it? Well, this is my Postal Service.

It's an "if you aren't playing for the shirt then get of the field" type of thing.

San Jose Making Inroads to an MLS Return

Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff is for real. He's reached a tentative deal with San Jose State for a new flexible capacity stadium (23,000 for soccer, 30,000 for football) that could be open in time to see the Quakes return by 2009. The Mercury News has the whole story.

This is great news for the Bay Area fans. And if this works out, 10 years from now when everyone has all but forgotten about the relocation to Houston, Don Garber's knack for making a good descisions in bad situations might finally be appreciated by fans of this league. Hell, he might even be seen as Rambo going back for a fallen man.

Just so long as he keeps his shirt on & doesn't even think about the red shoe-string headband.


New Womens League Investors Announced

The Triangle Business Journal is reporting that Cary, N.C. is in the mix for another women's team. You can read all about it here. I've seen a few news items about the attempt to relaunch a new top flight for the ladies, but this is the first in which I have seen markets matched with ownership groups:

AEG: Los Angeles
John Hendricks, Freedom Soccer LLC: Washington D.C.
Jeff Cooper, St. Louis United Soccer LLC: St. Louis
Soccer Initiative LLC: Market to be determined
Jack Hanks and Brent Coralli, Dallas Franchise Group: Dallas
WGSLI: Chicago

And now for something you've never seen before...

An MLS player on the cover a major magazine. Sure, Landycakes and EJ were on the cover of Sports Illustrated once on the eve of the World Cup. Don't get me wrong that was huge, but SI is a sports magazine. This is Details, a hugely trendy lifestyle mag that is an arbiter of cool for the guy who is cripplingly metrosexual, yet still capable of being a dude. When I say that "you can't buy this type of exposure" I am 100% as serious as a heart attack.

And with all due respect to all the dedicated, professional soccer writers out there who keep me one step closer to unemployment & divorce on a daily basis, Michael Hirschorn's piece is the best thing I have read thus far about the Becks move to LA. And I am certainly not suggesting that I could do better or am even in the same league with these guys. It's just a damn good read.

One thing that I found curious though was the omission of the words "Major League Soccer" or "MLS" from anywhere in the article. For all of the publicity Brand Beckham will bring to soccer in this country, I'd be nice if some of that light actually shone on the league he will be playing in.


Guys on Film

Not that anyone is surprised, but Becks is going to be in another movie. This is in addition to the sequels to 2005's Goal: The Dream Begins, one of which is already in cinemas in Europe. The film I am referring to is about the infamous WWI Christmas truce between the Limey's & the Krauts, creatively entitled "Truce". Do they give an Oscar for "most unoriginal yet highly revealing title"? If so these guys are gonna totally Jennifer Hudson that shit.

In other footballers-turned-actors-that-are-not-Vinnie Jones news,
Gazza is going to make the leap from the pub screen to the big screen as well. He'll star and co-produce a film entitled "Final Run" in which he'll play a survivor of an alien invasion. But that's not the the truly horrific part.

The scary thing is that he's training with the SAS for the role. Can you imagine one of footballs more notorious drunks getting pissed up with a bunch of SAS squaddies? Shit would be epic. Never-ending France v. Italy cup final epic.

So while we are talking about films, what's your all-time favorite footie film? I'm putting my vote in for "Victory" starring Sly Stone (as the original American goalie in Europe), Pele, Osvaldo Ardiles, Michael Caine, & Bobby Moore.

Bumpy Pitch Clothing: so your lady won't have to dress you

If you watched the 1st leg spanking that DC United handed out to CD Olimpia last week, you may have heard commentator Paul Caliguiri mention that MLS journeyman Brian Dunseth has a clothing line. After hearing this I decided to do a little investigating and came across Bumpy Pitch clothing, the brainchild of Dunseth and his former Olympic teammate Ben Hooper (who is also behind the essential Evenison.com). It's soccer-inspired clothing for guys & girls and it's brilliant.

After ogling the casual, yet fresh-to-death gear on offer at BumpyPitch.com, I gave Ben a shout to discuss style, Dunseth and non-chaffing underwear. The results are as follows...

The Offside Rules: Hey Ben, how are ya?
Ben Hooper: Good man, thanks for reaching out.

TOR: So how long have you guys been in business? I'm just hearing about you.
BH: Officially a couple years, mostly online business ...its been growing little by little. We think its pretty important for soccer fans, players, etc to have a brand like this that hopefully they can identify with.

TOR: The concept is so exciting to me because I feel that the culture of soccer in America is usually seen as anything but cool from the outside and Bumpy Pitch is definitely cool i.e. there are no minivans, or Orange slices to be seen.
BH: Right...that is exactly what this was about.

TOR: Do you think there is a "soccer style" here in America?
BH: I think there is a soccer style here, but i think people rep it in different ways. I am mostly talking about off the field stuff here...but if you go to a youth tournament you see these kids that are all very hip. The clothes they wear are hip, and they have their own style and swagger about it...much of which comes from soccer...but they are wearing brands from other lifestyles. But why should soccer kids wear skateboarding brands, or basketball stuff or whatever. They should have a soccer brand they can identify with and thats what we want BP to be.

TOR: True there is a diversity. I grew up in Texas and look there is way different from what the cats here in NYC are rocking.

BH: Oh Definitely. I just hate seeing soccer players wearing whack gear! Makes the sport look a little uncool.

TOR: Very true. One of the things that makes BP so fresh is that it looks completely inconspicuous. i.e. it blends in with what is in fashion right now. It doesn't scream "soccer" but is soccer to the core
BH: That was part of the whole idea. Its definitely all about soccer and that is the core of the brand...but it cant be too obvious

TOR: So what is the design process like?
BH: Initially it was very simple and that is reflected in what we have done so far...very simple designs, the logo etc...but I'm inspired by a lot; obviously soccer is the first...how it is perceived around the world and so on. But i just look for things that inspire me and in my life much of it has a connection on some level to the sport.

TOR: What's Brian role at BP? How involved is he?
BH: Brian has been involved on a lot of levels, but he has focused mostly on spreading the word, especially with professional players, guys in MLS..stuff like that he has gotten a lot of pros wearing and loving the brand which has been great. And he's a stylish cat.

TOR: Can we call him the Helmut Lang of MLS?
BH: Ha! Maybe not that stylish!

TOR: Yeah, but who is really though? Did I hear correctly that you could get BP gear at RSL matches?
BH: We did some stuff up at RSL when Brian was playing with them. It went over really well and we sold a bunch of stuff which was cool...we actually ended up doing an autograph session right at our booth and people just flocked over. Such great way to expose the brand to some new people and that's the key...just getting people to know about the brand.

TOR: Branding is everything. So where can the savvy souls reading this pick up BP gear?
BH: We have been in a few stores and there is always stuff available at B
umpyPitch.com. We'll have some new stuff soon though...some incredible vintage stuff is on its way. Definitely some cool gear for soccer people to rep the sport in

TOR: Excellent, keep us posted. Last question. Will there be a line of non-chaffing boxer-briefs? I know a lot of guys are crying out for those but don't know where to turn.
BH: Ha! I don't think we will be doing anything like that..although i wish you luck in your quest to find them.

TOR: Shit. I guess I'll have to keep lookin. Thanks Ben.


Pod(cast) People

What's up rockers? I know it's late (or early depending on what FIFA confederation you live in) but I'd like to take a minute to hip you to something that you may not be aware off (I know I wasn't and I'd like to think that I keep up with this stuff). MLSnet now has a podcast hub full of podcast's and downloadable video all for your grass-stained pleasure!

That is huge y'all. Like, Kenny Cooper's shoulders huge. Not only can you get the MLS audio podcast that Wheelock and The Offside Rules favorite Jimmy Conrad do, but you can also download video that was previously only available for streaming, like KC's "Get Close" and NY's "Red Bull Insider".

So do yourselves a favor, subscribe to the XML feed so you don't have to think about it, load up your iPod and get stuck in.

EDIT: Upon giving the hub a second look it would appear that Columbus Crew are letting the side down and are not taking part in the digital revolution. Suit yourselves guys, but do you really wanna be the last guy with a walkman while everyone else has an ipod?


Forever Heather

So the chicken-wing eaters at ESPN are doing a wonderfully chauvinistic series on the sexiest female athletes, and I applaud them for it. The latest installment focuses on the woman that I (hypothetically) would sell my soul for (I mean if I had to), Heather Mitts. And yes, those are courtesy parenthesis for the wife.

Check out her site ; it has some of the best flesh on the web that does not need to be preceded by "NSFW".

You know what's crazy though? She is still not married to San Diego Chargers QB AJ Feeley! Dude, if you are reading this heed my advice for the sake of others less fortunate; Go all in or fold...now! There are players out there who would eat Tommy Smyth's earwax to get a seat at that table! She's that hot.

But is she hotter than Michelle Liesel? Depends on if you are into the "naughty librarian" look or not. But here's a list of 5 things that Ms. Mitts is definitely hotter than.

Michael Anthony of Van Halen's hot sauce
2. The Ice Hotel
3. Eskimo P*$$! (so I've been told by various drill sargents)
Steve Austin
5. This girl


Man down! Convey to ride the pine

You have to feel for US & Reading winger Bobby Convey. Fresh out of recovery from surgery he had back in December, it looks like he's going back under the knife again and will miss the remainder of the EPL season.

So let's add intrigue to injury; who do you think will take his place on the outside during this busy year for the nats? Feel free to chime in.


Hey, CD Olimpia....

You just got

C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

With today's hot item being the astonishing $50 million dollar offer Citibank have put forward for the right to have thier name and logo on the front of the LA Galaxy kit, I'd like to take a little time to reiterate what a surreal time it is to be a fan of the American game.

Money is pouring in like rain to Wembley, and it's a very good thing; Uncle Phil & Uncle Lamar have taken the weight for waaay too long. But not everyone sees it this way, as the video below illustrates. The topic is old but the video is well done and still relevant; hopefully MLS will break new ground in the sponsorship game without it's players becoming walking NASCAR rides.

Shouts to EddieBa for the clip.
*Note: You might want to turn down the audio on the TV feed above.

Download: Wu Tang Clan "C.R.E.A.M"

UPDATE: Chelsea v. Galaxy picks up steam

From The Korea Times comes confirmation of a rumour we picked up on a few weeks ago . As previously mentioned it does appear that LA Galaxy will take on Chelsea in July as part of a 4 team tournament which will include Mexico's Tigres and Korea's Suwon Bluewings. It was speculated that a Japanese club would be the forth team, but the Bluewings will surely be just as appreciated in LA's rich Asian community (K-town, represent!).

So I'll put 5 on it that Brand Beckham does make his Galaxy debut against the Blues. And with a schedule that's packed as tight as Beyonce's jeans, it can't be said that Galaxy season ticket holders won't get their money's worth this season.


Attn: NY heads, Futbol De Calle coming your way

Street ballers. DJ's Cosmo Baker and Bobbito. Libations.

I love when Red Bull throws parties. I swear I've been to so many that I lost count. Winter Music Conference parties in Miami. Red Bull Academy shingdigs in NYC. And not to mention the epic roadtrip/open bar booze-a-thon that was the opening day road trip to DC last year. Ouch, my kidney hurts just thinking about it.

You can say what you want about the Team Formerly Known As Metro (TFKAM), but it can't be said that they don't know how to freshly market themselves. Or throw a party.

This is going down this Sunday at Webster Hall at 7pm. If you are in the area come through. I'll be the one screaming "Oooooh" at every flick-up, and step-over move and "That's my jam!" when Bobbito drops the innevitable Stevie Wonder track (my vote is for "Do I Do").

Movement in Still Life

See up in the title where it says "Soccer in the so-called space age"? Well this is some 100% Marty McFly-on-a-hoverboard-shit. XYZRBG is this crazy 3D imaging, gaming, and film studio out of Ottawa who you have never heard of but you may know their work from films like KING KONG, AEON FLUX, and THE MATRIX. All films that pushed the envelope of special effects and in the case of THE MATRIX changing the way action films are made.

So check this out. Remember those cool ridged football cards you had as a kid where the image moved as you moved the card? Or those posters that moved ever so slightly as you walk past them? Well these (assumed) druggies have taken it from A-League to Champions League.

Peep it.


Archie du triumph

Talk about a one-man show. The Australian A-League Grand Final was this past weekend and Melbourne striker Archie Thompson went off like bad milk. Dude had 5 goals in the 6-0 victory over Adelaide. Sure Clint Mathis put 5 past Dallas once but a) that was the Burn so it's not really that much of an achievement and b) not in a cup final.

So what is this guy doing with his summer? I'm sure there is an MLS team or 4 that could definitely use the help up top; certainly might be worth a few phone calls and pair of Qantas tickets if his considerable talents could be acquired on a loan deal.


Have balls, will travel

Seems to me that the Columbus Crew are fighting it out with Real Salt Lake to become the Harlem Globetrotters of the MLS this pre-season. Not with show-off moves and uniforms that are so grounded in the 70's that even Jimmy Walker would say "Damn, quit living in the past" but by playing anywhere that a team isn't playing currently.

They played RSL in Tampa on the 15th, tonight they take on FC Dallas out in Arizona, and on March 4th they are bring MLS action back to the bay area when they take on Houston Dynamo in San Francisco. In addition to playing Columbus in Tampa, Real Salt Lake are taking trips to Orlando (which is like, the new Bradenton apparently), Fresno, and Las Vegas where they will take on Colorado. Their is also a warm-ups against a small team in Spain called Real Madrid.


Hail! Hail! Celt' radio is here!

Another day, another European club looking to grow their brand stateside. This time it's Celtic, who've just inked a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio. The team looks to begin broadcasting by the the time the Celts' take on the MLS All-Stars in July. I guess they want a little green in their pockets to match the green in their kits (and who doesn't).

With Chelsea already broadcasting on Sirius (and now on Youtube), Arsenal partnering with Colorado, and last season's Red Bull/Metrostars buyout it would seem that foreign clubs now truly believe that America is fertile ground in which they should plant their seeds. We are now in fashion & I love it. One can only hope that all of this foreign interest and investment will also create more interest in the domestic game as well.

America. It's the new black.


The revolution will not be televised! (it'll be online)

In a move that highlights the rapid rate of influence that new media has on both the way we consume and the way businesses market to us, British giants Chelsea have struck an innovative content sharing deal with viral video giants Youtube.com.

The deal makes Chelsea archive footage, news, and other content from it's Chelsea TV service available to users for free (Chelsea TV is a paid subscription service). Are you listening MLS clubs? Why not put the great video pieces available on your websites (Red Bull Insider is one example) in front of a MUCH larger audience by making them available virally? The more eyeballs that see your product the better don't you think?

Hats of to the Blues for making this happen, and that's saying a lot coming from someone whose allegiances lay at the other end of Fulham Broadway.

Download: Gil Scott Heron "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

South American giants to do battle in the US


A little bird, no make that a pretty big bird actually, tells me that a big-time international friendly to be held in the US is very close to being finalized. And it doesn't involve Mexico or the U.S.; it's Brazil v. Argentina. Look for the game to be played in late March, which would lead me to believe that this match is headed to Florida, California, or Texas. The source also indicates that this will not be scrub squads and to expect each team to bring it's stars so expect to see players whose names begin with "R" and end in "O".

You may be asking yourself "how good is this information"? All I will say is that this comes from the same place that hipped me to
RBNY v. Barcelona a full 2 months before it was officially announced.


My boys at Kotaku bring news of the new Champions League 2006-2007 game coming from EA games in March. I know a lot of people swear by the Winning Eleven series but I have some sick loyalty to the FIFA series from EA. Call me a sucker for licensing.

This strictly Euro affair will be unique for a number of reasons, most notably for being the 1st title to include live recordings of each sides unique chants. Is that hotter than day game in August or what?

Um, can we get some of that in North America please? Can we get the ESC's rendition of "Where Ever I May Roam"? Can we get a full-throated and beery "Sombrero Song" from Sam's Army? Can you hear me EA?


Striking from the midfield (no forward progress)

It seems that the $1 million dollar question for Red Bull New York remains "Who will be their striker come opening day?" As hot a prospect as Altidore is Bruce is wise enough not to put the full weight of the teams scoring chances on his soldiers. And as loved as Wolyniec is, he's only the "Staten Island Maradona" not THE Maradona.

So far this pre-season the midfield has stepped up big time and delivered 8 of the 9 goals that RBNY have scored in their 3 victories in 3 games run. Yeah, I know it's pre-season but I'll give them some props. There is a mystery player at the teams Florida camp though that may fill the void at forward, but he has yet to be named (Tin Delgado perhaps).
But The Brushback is reporting that the Bulls may have snared a player of a different stripe.


UPDATE: Beckham to debut vs. Chelsea?

A follow up on yesterday's rumours stemming from the ESPN "Beckham Watch" ticker that the Galaxy will play Chelsea on July 21st. Word on the street is that this match may be part of a four team tournament involving LA, Chelsea, a Mexican club (believed to be Tigres) and another team. If I had to speculate (and this is just speculation) I would guess Celtic would be a strong possibility as they will be in the States for the All Star game; Glasgow to Denver is a loooooooooooong flight for one match.


The image above is from the home page of the Fulham FC website. Although it is a promo pushing club memberships, you would have thought that this was put together by the US Soccer. It's amazing to see American players being used as a selling point for an EPL side. And, it's also pretty obvious that the ads intended targets are Americans.

Friends it's a great day when after a century of sitting at the kids table we Americans are not only being exploited in the soccer world, but we are the ones whose dollars the soccer world is chasing after.

And not only is Fulham taking some of the best players that America has to offer, but it is also taking a page out of the American book of sports merchandising. You know, the page that says "strike while the iron is hot, exploit every angle possible". And honestly, I ain't mad at 'em for it.

The Cottagers online shop is selling these excellent limited edition t-shirts with the name & numbers of McBride, Bocanegra, and Dempsey on the back and the stars & stripes alongside the FFC logo on the front.

And you know what the best part is? They are sold out.


Beckham to debut vs. Chelsea?

Did I miss something or has ESPN let a Chelsea cat out of the bag? I haven't heard any official announcement about this (and if this is out there already, someone correct me) so take it for what it's worth. If this is legit though, what a lame way for such news to come out.

Apologies for the small type on the screen grab above, but it clearly states "Countdown to Galaxy debut: July 21 vs. Chelsea". You can go to Soccernet and see the "Beckham Watch" ticker full-size and in action.

Advice for the young; avoid the aged.

Hey Australia, it's us your long lost uncle from North America. Oh come on you remember me, the loud, heavy one once removed on the Commonwealth side. I know we haven't spoken in a while, what with Michael Hutchence and The Croc Hunter being dead and all now but I wanted to give you a bit of advice.

See your old Uncle Sam has been around the block just a little while longer than you and has played the game before. I know it's tempting to grab an older, experienced European player when they present themselves but you can't just grab the first geriatric in a pair of Predators that comes along. Especially one that is 41 years old and has an agent that comes across as being greedy enough to steal his own heart.

And Saudi Arabia we didn't forget about you either. But you'll never listen to us and that's fine. Let me know how Figo works out for you this season and when Jorgetti will be back to "finish what he started" at Al-Ittihad

Electrifing soccer

Remember those awesome electric football games that everybody had in the early 80's? You know the ones with rubber football that I always assumed was to keep you from getting fried liked like your sisters over-bleached bangs? Well the brilliant minds at Miggle Toys have done one better and have come out with Electric International Soccer.

Finally the beautiful game goes magnetic. So who's got the basement and Kool-Aid to host the Magnetic World Cup?


Goooaaaaaaallllllll 2!?

This one kind of flew under the radar, but the second part of the Goal trilogy hit theatres in the UK today. The first film hits theaters in the states much later than it did in Old Blighty and it looks like that might be the case again.

Part 2 follows the upstart Santiago Munez as his unlikely journey takes him from the northern grimness of Newcastle to the glitz of Real Madrid, where he'll play alongside the Galacticos; Beckham, Figo, Zizou, Ronaldo et al are all featured in the film. The odd thing is that they are all gone from the Bernabeau now, but word has it that part 3 will see Munez return to LA to reunite with his former Real Madrid team mate Beckham. Hollywood couldn't have written it better.

Jimmy Conrad Has a Posse

In case y'all didn't know....

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Colorado rebranding update, Real get stadium for real

It looks like their might be more to the Colorado rebranding than just a name-jacking. Venerable UK newspaper The Independent is reporting that the rebranding could actually be part of a larger partnership with North London side Arsenal.

I'd like to think that the gents at KSE heard my plea last week, but I highly doubt it. The fact of the matter is that Stan & co. are much savier individuals than some people have given them credit for; now there won't be a question of which MLS club will bag Henry in a few years time (he's repeatedly mentioned an interest in playing stateside). Stay tuned for further developments as the team has announced a press conference for 3pm today.

In other mountain-soccer news, the
Great Battle of Utah Soccer (TM) is now over. Thank God as it seemed like this was going to derail all of the good vibes of the post-Beckham era that had been surrounding MLS in the past month. And if the stadium ends up look ing like the image in the article, Red Bull Park will have a worthy competitor for the title of "Most Beautifulist Footie Stadium Ever Built in America."


Bleed American

Jimmy Conrad had a breakout performance last night against Mexico. Although the photo at left is not from last nights match it pretty much says it all. Jimmy Conrad bleeds for his country.

If someone can forward me a pic of the notorious "Jimmy Conrad Has a Posse" sticker that was making the rounds last summer I'd appreciate it. I'll give you an eerily appropriately titled song by an eerily appropriately titled band in return.

Download: Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American"


Get hype.

Don't forget to set your DVR's boys & girls.


LA Galaxy schedule released, tix on sale

MLS released the schedule for the 2007 season today and the rush to snap up those coveted LA Galaxy road game tickets is officially on. Below is the schedule so far for Brand Beckham's initial tour of duty in the States. I say so far because this excludes US Open Cup and exhibition dates as well as the knockout stage of SuperLiga. This list is also only of games that occur after the All-Star break which is when (at this stage) Beckham is due to be available to Los Angeles. There is an outside chance that he will be available to play in LA vs. Chicago and KC before the break but personally I doubt it. He could however make his debut as the Commissioners pick in the All-Star game.

Some quick observations that I find interesting:

  • Every team gets one match against LA after the All-Star break
  • The Gals go on an epic 5 game road trip before they unveil Becks at home
  • The 1st home game with Mr. Posh is a Thursday night prime time derby vs. Chivas USA on ESPN2. This is a an excellent move with the potential to be must-see TV.
  • According to the team and league websites, tickets to all matches are available only as part of a multi-game package at the moment. No single game tickets are on sale yet.
07/24 - Tuesday Pachuca # 8:00 p.m. (location TBA)
07/28 - Saturday CD Guadalajara # 7:00 p.m. (location TBA)
07/31 - Tuesday @ FC Dallas # 5:00 p.m.

08/05 - Sunday @ Toronto FC 4:00 p.m
08/09 - Thursday @ D.C. United 4:00 p.m.
08/12 - Sunday @ New England Revolution 4:00 p.m.
08/18 - Saturday @ New York Red Bulls 4:30 p.m
08/23 - Thursday Chivas USA 7:00 p.m
08/26 - Sunday @ Colorado Rapids 4:00 p.m.

09/01 - Saturday Real Salt Lake 7:30 p.m.
09/08 - Saturday Colorado Rapids 7:30 p.m
09/13 - Thursday @ Chivas USA 8:00 p.m.
09/16 - Sunday Houston Dynamo 5:00 p.m.
09/19 - Wednesday @ Real Salt Lake 6:00 p.m.
09/23 - Sunday FC Dallas 5:00 p.m
09/27 - Thursday @ Kansas City Wizards 5:00 p.m.
09/30 - Sunday @ Columbus Crew 2:00 p.m.

10/07 - Sunday @ Houston Dynamo 12:00 p.m.
10/13 - Saturday Toronto FC 7:30 p.m.
10/18 - Thursday New York Red Bulls 7:00 p.m.
10/21 - Sunday @ Chicago Fire 12:00 p.m


Football is so last week, this week is all about Futbol

It's over. '85 glory-seeking Chicago Bears fans cried, Beckham was in a Budweiser advert, and Prince ABSOLUTLELY KILLED IT with that bluesy Foo Fighters cover. And the lame-assed Colts won the trophy for the 1st time since they left B-more.

But the real winner is the futbol fan, because this week thanks to the FIFA-designated international friendly dates we have the sporting world back. And what a line up of games on TV! FSC has straight-up heavyweight matches featuring Brazil &Portugal, England & Spain. And ESPN is serving up the nightcap on Wednesday night: US vs. Mexico live from Arizona.

The tune-in info is below. Feel free to facepaint, down pints, and skip work like it's the World Cup all over again. If you want to put a cherry on top of the whole thing get you fake Dr's note

Tue Feb 06 03:00PM Eastern: International Friendly - Brazil vs Portugal
FOX Soccer Channel (FSC) - US

Wed Feb 07 03:00PM Eastern: International Friendly - England vs Spain
FOX Soccer Channel (FSC) - US

Wed Feb 07 09:00PM Eastern: International Friendly - US vs Mexico



Rocky Mountain Highbury

I love my American soccer. I really do. But how this helps the league gain fans, respect, or loyalty is beyond me. I'm sure that their is a handsomely paid consultant somewhere who can tell me why though. I pray to God that when this is announced tomorrow that some sort of relationship with Arsenal of the EPL is announced as well. But being that the new colors are the claret & blue of West Ham & Aston Villa I wouldn't bet my shiny new pair of Predators on it.

In all seriousness, I am an evangelist for American soccer; for whatever reason I feel duty bound to spread the word of our game to the non-believers and Euro-trash of this great land of ours. But some days it's very difficult to be a believer. This is one of those days.

Kansas City stadium two-step

Our brothers & sisters out in the great state of Utah aren't the only people with stadium issues this off-season. It's been known for a while now that Kansas City would have to find an alternate venue to play in while Arrowhead was being renovated as OnGoal is still trying to work out their deal for a new SSS. The old word on the street was that the Wizards were looking to retro-fit a high school stadium to use for 2 seasons. Now a return to Arrowhead is the new word on the street.

As a famous Kansan with a propensity to wear red shoes and carry around a small yappy dog (no, Paris Hilton is not from Wichita) once said "There is no place like home". Most people have never been fans of MLS sides playing in enormodromes, but it's been a necessary evil. But faced with the alternative of playing at a high school stadium I would guess most of the Wizards faithful will welcome a return to the Cauldron (albeit temporary) with open arms.