Taylor Twellman for Tommy Hilifiger

Anyone see some potential here?

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you...but I am. That is Revs forward Taylor Twellman in what appears to be an advert for Tommy Hilifiger. I say "appears" because it's not a real ad, just something I made (amazing what you can do with Paint) over the weekend after checking out the previously mentioned/mocked Men of MLS photo spread. While most of it was rubbish, this one of TT was one of three photos that got me thinking about a notion I had a while back.

In the world of marketing and branding (groan...oh crap, here he goes with another dissertation) there is this the ever-popular notion of making one's product hip by association. The most common example of this is celebrity endorsements; Boost Mobile commercials with Snoop Dogg using their phones asking "Where you at?" or Red Bull slapping their logo on the helmets, boards, and bikes of any number of extreme sports superstars for example. The basic idea is to appeal to a consumers emotion instead of logic; "if Snoop says it's good then it must be legit".

The next step for advertisers has come in the way seeding their product with celebrities. With my own eyes I have seen people much more famous than you or I walk out of a "gifting suite" with $10,000 in free clothing, electronics, and jewelry all because companies want the right people to be seen with there product. Again, the idea is to appeal to the consumers aspirations to live like a celebrity; "if Snoop is rocking Ice Cream Jeans then I'm going to rock them and be just as cool."

Now where I think MLS could really benefit from this "cool by association" school of marketing; instead of wasting your man-talent on an afternoon photo shoot for something no one will (and in some cases should) not see, why not try and pimp them out to a larger audience while borrowing someone else cool cache?

With a league like MLS you have a wealth of young, in shape, attractive men. Advertisers love that, women want to be with men like that, and men want to be like that. On the other end of the stick, MLS offers a fan base that is by and large well to do....people many clothiers would want to appeal to. Marrying MLS talent with an appropriate clothing label with mass appeal could be a boon to both parties.

Maybe Taylor Twellman for Tommy Hilifiger isn't the ideal partnership, but it certainly wouldn't be the worst. What do I think would be the ideal partnership?

Landon -as special as he is- may not be the right guy for this but he was the first topless MLS player I came across. And we know that topless is how Abercrombie likes them. And we know that upper-crusty white males & females age 18-22 is Abercrombie's' bread & butter....and a demo that, at my guess, MLS is lacking in and would love to age with. What better way to do it than to align yourself with the official retailer of young Republican's and the future soccer moms of America?

I'm fully aware that a co-branding effort like this would not come quickly or easily but the potential rewards would be so worth the effort involved. If anyone out there wants to hire me to make it happen....well, my email is in the column at the right.

So just for kicks & giggles, what MLS player would you pair with what company? Do your thing in the comments.


Anonymous said...

How about Sigi Schmid for Phat Farm!

blahblah said...

Benny and Sacha for the iphone, ipod, powerbook, etc etc.

Ian Russell can keep his part time modeling job for Eddie bauer or Lands End (casual yet sophisticated).

Ante Razov for anything - toilet bowl cleaner, I don't care - I could stare at that guy all day.

Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something. Abercrombie would be great for the suburban kids, Aeropostale would be good for a little bit more downmarket mall crowd.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Dima Kovalenko for Jordache. I figure those are pretty popular in Ukraine right about now.

Johnny Blue Jeans

Anonymous said...

How bout we put David Beckham's face on some things???

SF said...

"How bout we put David Beckham's face on some things???"

Not sure people like him.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Ruiz for Starkist Tuna

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who is thinking Landon for Rogain?

greenscreenwriter said...

Move over Freddie Ljungberg... Seth Stammler needs to be the next Calvin Klein underwear model on a billboard in Times Square.

Anonymous said...

These would be great brands to associate with. I can't get my kid brother to a soccer game but he'll buy anything with the A&F logo. Maybe this would peak his curiousity.

noddables said...

good photochoppin, SF -- you've got an eye for it. now it's time to bring in the GIMP (http://www.gimp.org/). it's way better than Paint, almost as good as Photoshop, and free. "it don't get no cheaper than that."

Anonymous said...

how about carlos ruiz for excedrin - his head is always hurtin.
we bought david beckhams face on an egg cup at goodwill.

Vedran Agovic said...

Dempsey for Advil? Nice work on the blog