Dear Don Garber....


If I can show my age for a second here without judgment I would appreciate it. You remember on Family Ties how Alex P. Keaton loved Ronald Reagan? That is how I feel about Don Garber. The man will lead us to the promised land, I swear it on Jimmy Conrad's mother's grave.

That's not to say I agree with all of his decisions, but you have to admit that if it weren't for him, with his painful calls (the Florida debacles) and smart moves (eliminating the shootout, moving into Canada) we would be looking at a much different league all right now...if we had a league at all.

The Don took time out of his busy schedule of evaluating expansion markets to invade, and drinking Coke from a wine glass to answer a few questions out of the mailbag at SI.com. All of the usual suspects are there as far as topics go; relagation, expansion, DP's etc. Unsurprisingly no one asked about his political contributions in New Jersey, where I'm pushing for the new state slogan "New Jersey, the indictment state!"

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