DC Player Spills Haterade All Over Adu Live on the Radio

Freddy Adu image for The Offside Rules

Beef. It's what's for dinner and what's possibly at the craft services table inside DC radio station WJFK. From the Edgell Supporters blog comes news of a Marc Burch radio interview where he dished the dirt on the teams feelings about The Biggest Midget in the Game™.

Junkies (EB): Is everybody happy to be rid of Freddy, does anybody talk about Freddy these days?

Burch: We don't really talk about him, and a lot of people are happy to be rid of him. He's a little bit of a cancer in the locker room, we have good team chemistry right now, and I don't think anybody is really missin' him. I don't really care too much about Freddy so...

Junkies (EB): Did you think he was a dick, you never really played with him though right?

Burch: I think his ego is a little bit bigger than he is, he's 5'1" and his ego makes him 7 feet all.

Junkies (EB): Did other guys on the team agree with you, without callin' them out?

Burch: You're friends with your teammates, but it gets to you eventually, people like that, sometimes you can't stand them.

Junkies (Cakes): You're basically saying he's just a diva, who's had everything handed to him by the MLS, and he's not nearly up to the level of his press clippings?

Burch: He's as good as he can be, for his age.

Junkies (EB): Did guys on the team believe his advertised age?

Burch: Uhhh, no comment on that one.

The Complete interview audio is here. Cancer...ouch. Doesn't sound like there will be a Christmas card from the old gang for the kid this year. But wowy, wow, wow, wow is the no comment on the age interesting. People have always accused Freddy of being older but I've never paid attention to that stuff, just chalked it up to Haterade. But maybe there really is something there.

How crazy would that be if that came out that dude was really like 23 or something? It would rock the league and the Fed like a hurricane. If you think the Becks injury backlash was bad, this would be the Pay of Pigs. $5 and one of those protective head gear things that Eski wears says that there has already been an email or phone call about this one; Dude is soooo gonna get silenced.


Anonymous said...

What I want to know is, is Burch as good as he can be for his age?

And while we are talking about age, is the lack of maturity Burch displays in playing along with the questioner fitting with his age?

SF said...

Funny thing is I think Burch was only around as scrimmage player last year if that...Freddy was gone by the time he was with the 1st team.

loosek said...

Burch is as good as he's gonna be at any age. Freddy's already better than Burch will ever be. I like the kid and think he's been great this year, but this crap really makes him look like a meathead.

MannyMayhem said...

what an asshole. Adu is better than Burch could ever dream of being. Jealous, Mark?

No matter, at least he'll have plenty of time to contemplate all of that when Chicago smacks their sorry asses out of the MLS CUP playoffs this week.

Anonymous said...

Burch must have gone to the same bad public speaking school that Hope Solo went too.

Yeah, Adu was a diva here...who didn't know that...but Burch should not be throwing him under the bus.

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