Chivas USA: The Movie!

I am exactly one year late on this one but I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who is 100% oblivious to the fact that Chivas USA have a DVD out? Generally speaking I'm not a fan of any of Jorge Vergara's endeavors but a documentary about a fledgling pro sports franchise is definitely intriguing. Make that team an American soccer team and I'm down as dirt.

Since this was filmed during the clubs inaugural season, most of the players in the film aren't with the club today but it's still interesting to see what was going on with the club at that time. And in the scheme of things it's a good thing those guys are gone because they really sucked as a unit. The current squad that 'The Candystripers ™' are fielding are quite the opposite and after last nights defeat of LA sit atop the Western Conference.

Speaking of last night's match, apparently Morrissey was spotted on the sidelines wearing a Chivas kit. If anyone has a photo of him dressed in one of those barbershop pole shirts please forward it to me.

You can buy the 'Chivas USA: Si Se Pueda' DVD over at Amazon.com.


Anonymous said...

Hey, candystripers refers to dallas because of the abomination of them trying to call themselves Hoops. Las chivitas may be in front now, but mark my words, they are peaking and Dynamo will pass them. Viva Naranja!

Texas Bhoy

CousinBinksta said...

Candy strippers is a stupid no matter what direction the stripes are going.

Chivas is having one of their best years and they have no attendence. This is what I was talking about when it comes to Los Angeles. There's so much stuff to do, people don't get that being a supporter means that you go more than twice a year. That team had bad idea written all over it when they started and now it's coming full circle as they are the expansion of the MexiReich as intended and they're actually good because of that. Shocking, I know.

The video was classic. I didn't see that previously so thanks for posting.