Zero Angle: Lighting Struck Twice

Wanna see something freaky? Check out these clips of Youri Djorkaeff's no angle game-winner vs. New England and Juan Pablo Angel's no angle game-winner vs. Los Angeles. Both occurred after the 85th minute in games that were won 5-4, and fumbled into the net by the keepers.

Kinda creepy innit?

Also, my boy Binks pointed out to me in a possibly drunken late night text message that 5 of the 10 highest-scoring MLS games have featured The Team Formerly Known As Metro.


CousinBinksta said...

Your boy binks was swiming in a Captain Morgan infused stuper.

Pretty awesome how good my text messages are then though huh?

Christopher said...

Check out Toja's goal against the Galaxy (not Superliga, earlier). Almost exactly like Angel's.