Um, Can You Say "Holy Innuendo"?

Another classic from the David Beckham erotic photo collection.

Ladies and bi-curious gentlemen, if you've ever spent a lonely evening with the marital aid of your choice wondering to yourself just exactly how David Beckham "hits it", wonder no more. The Fieldturf at Giants Stadium can join Posh, and (allegedly) Rebecca Loos on the list of carpets that Goldenballs has brushed up against.


Anonymous said...

I'm soo glad our grandma can't a PC....

CousinBinksta said...

Best picture of the weekend. Fact.

Funny as hell.

Brian said...

I'd never heard of Rebecca Loos, so I looked her up on Google Images.

That lucky bastard. I guess he wanted to spice it up by finding a girl with more meat on her bones. that girl is all woman. So hot.