Meola Quests to Play All Known Forms of Football

Did you know fat Tony from Jersey was playing around with Jets for a minute? After one of the World Cups but before the MLS he was flirting with pointy-ball for a minute but didn't make the cut if I recall. Since he's done with MLS he's going to try his hand at yet another form of football; this time it's the indoor game, as he has just signed on for MISL expansion side New Jersey Ironmen.

According to the linked article there was a press conference to announce his signing; no one even showed up for Bob Bradleys coronation as National team coach so I can only imagine how many, or how few, people show for an indoor club presser. And they probably don't have the catering budget that US Soccer has.

Oh well. Maybe once he retires from this he'll have a little something left in the tank to try his hand at Aussie Rules. Just so long as he doesn't try to reprise his role in Tony & Tina's Wedding.


CousinBinksta said...

It's not like the Yankees signing A-Rod, but it will generate the interest in this new club that's needed in the area.

Anonymous said...

Tony actually played indoor in the past and had the most shutouts in one season then the career record. Also, if I'm not mistaken he was on the Jets team and made 200k as a reserve player.

If only we were so talented and had his options.

SF said...

Really, dude made the team with the Jets? I always read that he got cut.

CousinBinksta said...

If only we were so talented and had his options.

We'd be selling mortgages in Kansas City?

Anonymous said...

More info...

Interview while he was a kicker with Jets: http://www.headgamesradio.com/mp3/minutes/6-14-06/6-14%20Miola%20Place%20on%20team.mp3

NY Times article of him being signed (reminder of him being drafted by NY Yankees):

Only thing I found per Blizzards (his first stint in indoor) is: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4208/is_19950120/ai_n10181955

Anonymous said...

Are you Tony's mother Anon 8:36?

Anonymous said...

No, you ask because you know Tony's mom can use google?

Seriously, I'm not a Tony fan..I guess I'm an 'old man can still do it' fan. So, there you have it - I'm his dad :)

haha - no, just an 'old' sports fan that was a little offended by the labels 'geriateics'.