This Just In: Fulham Sign Keller

Ok so it has just gotten ridiculous over at Craven Cottage. Apparently Chris Coleman isn't the only person who wants Fulham stocked with yank players as new manager Lawrie Sanchez has signed Kasey Keller. Seriously, they are one Oguchi Onyewu away from officially being "the cat lady" of the EPL.

As a former resident of SW6 and long time supporter I am sooooo stoked; it's been shit between the posts since Man U. poached Van Der Sar. But with 4 Americans on the club now (the club also has for N. Ireland players) I'm waiting for notification of a press conference where Don Garber will announce Fulham as the newest MLS expansion team.


Patient Boy said...

Clearly, Derby is going to have to sign JOB to keep up.

CousinBinksta said...

If they're aiming at getting more Yanks watching Fulham matches, this is a very good way of doing it.

I don't think that Keller's got much left in the tank, but this will be cool to watch.

US Soccer should consider putting out a pamphelet that promotes the sale of American Goaltending in England. Now that Keller's back this is getting funny again.