Lost Angeles Galaxy

Talk about one hell of a goal in one hell of a game. Too bad it was all for nought.

We'll keep the Superliga talk to a minimum out of respect for those who have a busy day of licking wounds ahead of them. But that was a great final; the intensity was high and the crowd sounded MUCH larger than the 12K that were in the house. Well, maybe it was great for everyone but Becks (is dude the new Reyna?), Landon (your wrist kissing voodoo has finally failed you), and Peter Veganas (Carlos Mendes is looking for your number as we speak to give you a "thank you" call for making him look like less of a goat).

And if you need proof that Frank Yallop is at the end of his tether (or should I say tenure) he swore his way through the post-game press conference Some dude posted the entire epic on Youtubeif you're a Gals fan and want to relive it while crying your tears into a bottle.


CousinBinksta said...

I'm seriously glad you got me watching this series. I had no interest whatsoever until the LA D.C. game and honestly this was not only a great tournament it's exportable.

Idle said...

Having scored a spectacular own goal myself once (bullet header into the upper 90 from the top of the 18 as I tried to block a cross), I can feel Pete's pain.

Then again, mine was at the tail end of a 6-0 loss in a rec league game. His (along with Landy and Xavier's goofs) cost the Galaxy about a million bucks and a trophy. So, never mind about that feeling his pain thing.

Anonymous said...

Youtube link doesnt work boo