Supporters Clubs Getting Mainstream Press Love

For whatever reason, the non-soccer press has decided to converge on the Ultras of MLS this week. The Washington Post and the New York Observer both ran stories this week about the hardcore fans in their respective cities; The Post piece seems genuine and largely positive, while the Observer article has a lot of truth but is told in the snide condescending tone that is seeming innate to New York writers. (EDIT: When it rains, it pours buckets of Stella...The Guardian got the memo today as well and ran a story on TFC supporters.)

Hat's off to all of the DC and RBNY supporters in the articles, you now have your 15 minutes. As I was not mentioned in either article my time is still to come.

Even though they didn't light up the news stands this week I'd like to give a shout out all the other supporters groups doing it big week in, week out....without your songs, style, banners, and passion there would be as much atmosphere in an MLS stadium as there is at a children's piano recital.

Shout outs to...
Los Angeles Riot Squad
The Galaxians Fan Club

Hoops Nation
Kearny Army
Raging Bull Nation
Red Patch Boys
Section 8 Chicago
Sons of Ben (MLS fan club)
The Inferno
Centennial Firm Supporters Club
The Cauldron
The Casbah (Welcome back boys)
Midnight Riders Supporters' Club


Samantha said...

So what's the reason for the TFC fans picture? You're talking about two groups who have been around since the inception of the league and instead of running a picture of one of them you run that?

PS Chicago's banner from the opening of Toyota Park was much larger than that one. Just wanted to throw that in there.;)

SF said...

When you type in MLS supporters into Google Image Search it's the 1st one that comes up and it's a good one. The post wasn't exclusively about DC or NYC supporters, more of a shout out to all.

Anonymous said...

you might include the Midnight Riders and Revs Army in your list.

SF said...

Noted. I've got love for Monty and the Revs boys, but sadly no memory.

Christian said...

Good read. Thanks for the props.
CG (Kearny Army)