A Screaming Eagles Instant Classic

Good thing Becks isn't married to Christina Aguilera or the DC supporters wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Courtesy of AOL Sports.


CousinBinksta said...

As Becks was warming up in the first half on the sidelines, there was a group of girls a few rows in front of me that held up a sign that said

"We'll be your Spice Girls"

He had a huge grin on his face.

Patient Boy said...

I tuned in just after halftime without realizing that Becks was thinking of playing (everything I had read yesterday said he was out). It took me ten minutes to figure out what the hell that banner was supposed to mean.

Cause I'm smart like that.

(PS Oh, and DC was showing moments of maybe perhaps starting to look very good.)

Mr. Fish said...

Screaming Eagles have had great messages to opposing teams in the past:

To Chivas in 2005: "You: 4 Wins. Us: 4 Cups."

To the newly-rechristened Red Bulls in 06: "New Name. Same Lame."