RBNY TV Ratings More Horrific Than Attendance

I hate to put family business out in the street but like my therapist says, sometimes you just have to tell someone. I love my RBNY but I may be one of the few.

It's no secret that Red Bull New York has not been lighting up the numbers attendance wise (their most recent home game aside). And it's fairly well known that their on-air ratings for local tv are less than stellar. But damn if seeing the numbers in the flesh doesn't make you a little queasy then you should start astronaut training now as you have the type of iron-stomach that NASA would pay dearly for.

The New York Times soccer blog
Goal is reporting that "this season, the team is averaging a meager 1,031 households on MSG and FSNY, which is still 40 percent higher than last year’s 736." How depressing is that? As depressing as this.

1,031 viewers. In the nations largest metropolitan area. Pathetic. Seriously, Guy-Roland Kpene has probably shagged more people than that. And he's got a horrible left foot and even worse hair.


thephantomcredits said...

Its not like red bull does alot to promote the games. I watch in PA on Direct Kick so I'm sure that factors in at all.

DigitalHeadbutt said...

It's truly a shame, because RBNY has the two most exciting non Beckham players in American soccer, Juan Pablo Angel and Jozy Altidore.

Poor ratings aside, I saw Kpene in that Superliga game, and he looked just like that she-male judge from America's next Top Model.