The Rapture, Bad Brains Rock for MLS

You people can't score no more
You just stand there like this
You cross your arms and stare around
And whinge and moan and diss

The Rapture "Whoo! Alright, Yeah… Uh Huh" (RBNY Remix)

Seriously y'all I am fucking speechless. One of my favorite bands, The Rapture, has reworked one of their singles into a RBNY anthem I just don’t know what to say. I have been saying forever that MLS needs to some things marketing wise that are a bit sexier than group youth sales; now that they've done it I am paralyzed with confusion. For months I've been seeing all these ads, posters & stickers for the Adidas Represent but never checked out the website. I finally get my ass over there and check it out only to discover that it kinda rules.

Each club has had an 'anthem' created for them by some band or other. You can download the song, and even make a video for it using Jumpcut. Click the thumbnail below for the TOR remix for RBNY…which is probably the 1st time I have ever done anything remotely related to my film degree.

I may lose any cred I have as a fan of The Team Formerly Known As Metro by saying this but I am envious of DC United. I don't know who the old school anarcho-punk is in their front office but they somehow got Bad Brains (fucking Bad Brains!) to their anthem for them. They even titled the song "D.C. United" and name drop Luciano Emilio, which is somewhat cheesy but I am nonetheless completely jealous. But dud they get a little too bourgie by giving props to P.G. County?

jumpcut movie:RBNY 2007 The Offside Rules Remix
Watch the TOR video remix.

Download: The Rapture "Whoo! Alright, Yeah...Uh Huh"


Teddie Boy Eddie said...

I thought the Bad Brains were banned in DC.

SF said...

Apparently the embargo has been lifted.

Patient Boy said...

Check out last week's interview where Darryl Jenifer weighs in on that: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/feature/44446-interview-bad-brains

Also, did you see who is the newest official blogger for the New York Times? Jozy.

John said...

That Real Salt Lake song is pretty saucey, plus MLS got Mike Jones???