PTI Talks MLS, Materazzi`

Ugh, Kornheiser. To watch him play the dinosaur sportswriter role is really sad. We're talking Bambi's mom dying sad. He wants to change the rules of the game to make it, presumably, more palatable to American tastes; he's never heard about the failure's that were the NASL's 35-yd line or the MLS shootouts apparently.

Once again Wilbon gets to look like the voice of reason amongst the mainstream sportswriters when it comes to American soccer. He seems to be one of the few who get it; Bryant Gumbel and he have become our advocates and someday in the future we shall erect statues of bronze in their honor.

One last thing about Kornheiser; is he a boozer? Dude looks like he just rolled out of a Reno casino at 5a.m. Tony if you have a problem it is never too late for help...seek it.


Anonymous said...


Ill take it, it was actually somewhat interesting despite Kornheizer or whatever they call him.

Wilbon seems to be developing into a genuine fan.

BTW love the blog. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Props to Wilbon though he did have the Columbus attendance wrong-- it was 21K not 15K, pretty good for Columbus.
Kornheiser really doesn't have a clue and its starting to dawn on him the more he talks about soccer.

Wendel said...

wow when will the soccer illiterate just stop talking. change the rules? beckham is the best player in the league? i dare him to name another player. how can becks be the best player? hes had two starts and played one full game.

CousinBinksta said...

I love that they commented on the attendence at the Columbus DC game and slammed it. 15k to see DC play there isn't alarming when you consider the size of the stadium.

Manipulative assholes.