New York Times Scores with "Goal"

One of my favorite blogs right now is Goal, the soccer blog of the New York Times. Originally created to follow this year's Copa America, it has now (thankfully) taken on a life of it's own and looks like it might stick around even though Copa is as over as John O'Brien's career.

Much like Adam Spangler at ThisisAmericanSoccer, NYT soccer stalwart Jack Bell and Jeffrey Marcus bring a cultured, learned sense of writing to the soccer blog table...the kind of chops that what serve them well even outside of the realm of sports writing. Needless to say Goal has become daily reading for me along with Soccer By Ives, Soccer Insider, Pitch Invasion and TIAS.

What are you reading daily? I'm looking to update my links soon with some new blood; let me know what's good.


mosler said...

Sideline Views is nice for a west coast view of MLS. Lots of MLS and Mexican league content as well as photos and audio clips of interviews. Run by Andrea Canales and Luis Bueno.

Jen Chang's blog on espn.com isn't updated more than once or twice a week, but his posts are always insightful and interesting.

Ian Plenderleith blog and all the content at the USNSP website are typically a cut above the rest of the content out there.

Dan Loney's blog is usually good for a chuckle.

Cory said...

is featured weekly on the Big Apple soccer site with the MLS power rankings. It updates rather frequently with current MLS trends as well.

A great read for anyone who wants to read introspective analysis on today's soccer and the current european movements.

provides depthy articles and statistics. more of a nuts and bolts kind of site.

SI's rumor site. It keeps the public up to the know in all global transactions and rumors. I go there every day to keep in touch with what's going on in the transfer market and beyond.

Hope some of this helps.

Anonymous said...

Luis Arroyave's Red Card blog for the Chicago Tribune

Anonymous said...

yanksabroad.com has some very good original content

the Hammy End Chronicle at http://fulhamish.blogspot.com/ is excellent for following Fulham, the EPL team with the most yanks on it (McBride, Dempsey and Boca though you shouldn't have to ask)

Anonymous said...

worldcupblog.org for national team stuff

all the usuals for mls stuff you already have

Anonymous said...

CenterHoldsIt - centerholdsit.wordpress.com