Houston's Facial Scoring, New Shirt Sponsor

Did you see last nights 3-hour Superliga marathon match? At around the 4th minute Houston's Dwayne DeRosario scored off his face. Not "off his face" like he was all liquored up (although that is always a possibility, and would explain some of his later finishing attempts), but HE KICKED THE BALL INTO HIS OWN FACE AND SCORED from about 9 yards out. How do you even physically do that? Sadly though the parlour tricks weren't enough to keep the Orange Crush in the tournament and they have now given up their shot at $1million dollars.

They shouldn't fret too much as they are due to announce that they have found a shirt sponsor in Amigo Energy. I have no idea what Amigo Energy is paying for the privilege but I'd guess that the opportunity to have Craig Weibel's nipples underneath your name would not come cheap.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Good info...and cracks me up at the same time.

Thanks. :)