Houston Gets $7.5 Million from Shirt Sponsor

So much for not disclosing the financial terms of this deal. Amigo Energy is shelling out $7.5 million over 4 years for the front of Houtson's kit. God damn, that seems like a lot of money to me. The league is getting about that from ESPN a year though, so maybe it's not.

Houston so far hasn't given the impression that they are looking to bring in a big name DP, but that's a good piece of scratch to go shopping with if you were. If they can make it to MLS Cup again with the crew they have assembled right now I think they might sit tight and forgo making a splash with the cash. Also if LA wants a second DP slot for next year (which we all know they do) AEG shenanigans will be in full effect to make Houston give them theirs if they still aren't expressing interest in using it.

Do I know this for sure, nope. Could I see it happening, absolutely.


Anonymous said...

Cue EPMD's "Paid in Full".

Bonji said...

I think it is a lot of money for a MLS team. $1.875 million in 2007 is roughly 80% of the team's salary budget. These kinds of deals will help the owners loosen the purse strings on the salary cap...I hope.

CousinBinksta said...

So like, Dynamo got an energy company to sponsor them. AEG actually did something right.

Anonymous said...

Maybe with all that sponsorship loot somebody could buy DeRo a comb. One of those little black unbreakable ones, he could stick it in his sock. Its just an idea.



ps. thanks for the goal

Anonymous said...

Won't Donovan be a DP next year since he is only grandfathered for one year? I may have the rule wrong, but i think that is how it works. (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) If that is the case, Donovan should get traded to San Jose in the offseason to free LA up to add an international DP.