Chicago Blackout

Hands up if you saw Blanco play this weekend?

TOR would like to take this opportunity to issue a public appeal for any footage from Saturday's Chicago v. KC match. Word is that the Hunchback of Bridgeview ™ ran things once again for Chicago. I know it was on HDnet so at least 6 people saw it and may have footage to upload. For some odd reason there are no highlights available at MLSnet.

There are only 6 games a week in this league, surely it can't be that hard to get footage of them all. I'm sure that there is some reason for this, most likely related to broadcast rights or technical difficulties, but it really is a shame that this game seems to be a myth. Blanco is making the impact on the field that Becks should be (and probably will next season should he be healthy) and people need to see that; if Sportscenter isn't going to show the highlights have them all available online at least.

Chicago were playing some of the worst soccer in the league at the beginning of the year; since Blanco's arrival they are 3-1-1. I won't (and can't because it will soil my soul to do so) give him all the credit, but it's got to be said that he has been a much-needed kick to the ass of this team. Any player that can make that kind of impact needs to be pimped out hard, even if his name is not Beckham.


Charlton Heston said...

My apologies if this is off-topic; but I canceled my DirecKick subscription after multiple attempts to watched matches that would not air with only the statement at the bottom of the screen that read, "The program you are trying to watch is not available in your area."

I know New York home matches and United away fixtures are not in my area, that's why I'm paying you DirecTV to show me what I can't get at home.

The issue becomes: what's the point of paying for matches if they're not going to show them? I mean, that makes about as much sense as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest.

Anonymous said...

You can see it on ESPN Deportes.com Video reeal on the right side of the homepage.

Got the info from a post on BigSoccer.


Tacologic said...

I understand the hate for Blanco. As a USMNT fan, when I heard the news, I was very upset. But then I did some research on the guy and really found what I like. Now he's elevating the Fire's game and is a joy to watch.

Blanco taught me to separate club from country, and to him I give thanks.

CousinBinksta said...

Better than 6 degrees of Bacon:

Beckenbauer managed the back with a level of cool that's not been seen since his time with the Cosmos or managing Germany to a World Cup.

Dos Equis was started by a German Brewmaster.

Chicago Fire have been Chicago Fuego because of Blanco's ability to manage the squad with the same quiet "do as I do, I don't need to say shit" bravado that Beckenbauer had.

And I bet he drinks a fuckin' Dos Equis or dos, no what I'm sayin?!

SF said...

Mmmmm. Bacon.

Matt said...

I'm more and more of the opinion that the league should drop HDNet as a sponsor for next year. The fact that all the games are broadcast is great, but a broadcast that so few people can get - and which isn't passed on in the form of highlights - might as well not happen.