Alexi Lalas Blames Everyone But Himself

“This ridiculous schedule that we have been saddled with in an effort to appease everybody, on and off the field, has taken its toll. We have bent over backwards to help everybody but the Galaxy. A lot of people have made a tremendous amount of money on the back of what the Galaxy, with David, has brought to their markets this year and I hope that they remember that."

The preceding message was brought to you today courtesy of Alexi Lalas via The London Times. His Ginger Majesty ™ would like you to know that he has had nothing to do with the mishandling of Goldenballs or his club's season...after all he is only the GM of LA Galaxy. It's not like he runs the team or anything.

Is he for real? Is he having a bit of a freak out due to the hotness of the seat he sits on? Is he smokin' that shit? Two of the three are a real possibility.

MLS is not solely to blame for the cramped schedule. He can't claim innocence with the meaningless friendlies the club, not the league, has scheduled in
Vancouver& Minneapolis in the midst of the playoff run (that is if his team had a shot at the playoffs still)? And while other teams in the league may have had a 90 minute Beckham-induced financial windfall, it is nothing compared to the fat stacks that LA have made since his arrival.

I have a lot of love for Lalas (he bought me a beer once so I'm down for him) but this all sounds like the 11th hour ramblings of someone who can feel the axe tickling the hairs on the back of his neck. Someone whose team he (and the coach that he brought in) spent a good part of the season assembling then dismantling, then reassembling through a series of questionable trades. Someone who after different 3 GM jobs still comes across as more of a mouthpiece than a decision maker. Someone who may soon be asking "do you know the way to San Jose?"


Anonymous said...

Copa Minnesota, WTF!? They can't be serious. Whatever makes "David Beckham & The Galaxy Traveling Sideshow" sound good I guess. What a joke.

CousinBinksta said...

Seeing Leiweicke following Beckham in D.C. reminded me exactly how important Alexi was to the Galaxy. After reading this comment after teh many others that have shown up in the English press, I think it's time for Alexi to turn off the mic and walk away. That "ridiculous" schedule was equally beneficial as it was demending for the Galaxy. They really did think that he would make an immediate impact and that they would start winning matches. The away games that have been played were actually on a fairly favorable schedule in comparison to what other teams have had. When was the last time you could track a team's progression on the Eastern Seaboard in a four game swing? With the exception of the Stupidliga and Beckham's injury there really isn't any reason to complain.

Oh yeah, they lost an assload of games. That always makes Alexi whine.

I really liked his off the field efforts with the fans in New York and I really think that he tried to make a difference for us in NY. After 3 teams, I think the only thing he's proven though is that he's an excellent PR guy and if that's what he's going to be, he should be doing it at a laegue level and not just for AEG.

Brian said...

All I know is that I vomited a little when he introduced Beckham.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

His record speaks for itself. He's done a crap job everywhere he has been.