About That LA-NY Goalfest the Other Night...

Where you there? Where you watching in a bar? Where you screaming at the television at home? Either way you saw one of, if not THE most exciting MLS games ever. PEER-EE-UD. Seriously, this game was like when Public Enemy put out Fear of a Black Planet and you just knew that you had seen the future. 2 days later I am still hoarse and I am still getting calls from people who hadn't been to an MLS game before but are now down like clowns for the next one.

Saturday night was a realization of what this league has wanted to be for the past 12 years. Call me an optimist or merely delusional but this match feels like it might be the turning point and I'm not the only one who this so. NASL historian Dave Brett Waser told me it was "one of the greatest matches I've ever seen, and I've seen a few." He sent me this note over the weekend:

"There could be some parallel history developing here. June 19, 1977 was the first time the Cosmos drew over 60,000 fans. Pele scored all three goals, and the Cosmos beat the Rowdies 3-1. The enthusiasm for soccer in NY lasted long after Pele retired. Thirty years ago, a great game in front of a huge crowd helped make the Cosmos the "it" thing. Will history repeat itself with the Red Bulls?

I used to think that MLS had to have a team named "Cosmos" to draw huge crowds in the New York area on a regular basis. I just thought that NY fans would never accept a team other than the Cosmos. Now I am not so sure.

Dave Wasser Austin, TX "

Will history repeat itself? I hope so...the vibe was electric, the goals came in bunches, the home team won and Becks didn't disappoint. Seems to me like everyone got what they wanted. Something that does temper my optimism is the amount of people rocking Beckham jerseys; it's great that the league finally has a superstar that is identified with it that can sell merch, but it is bizarre and worrisome to see so many people who are there to support a player, and not either one of the teams. Hopefully these fans don't leave when he leaves.

The other unfortunate thing is that NYC didn't do too well in the celebrity fan stakes. In LA they get Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, and Jennifer Love Hewitt; in New York we got this guy.

And in case you didn't know, you know now that Ed Hardy gear is officially as over as Von Dutch.


Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Well, it was lots of fun. I was able to see the Cosmos once when I was very young, so i don't really remember how many people were there. But it was pretty great having that many people at an MLS match ... even if the crowd was filled with moms and kids wearing Beckham jerseys.

Hopefully, some will go out and buy Angel and Altidore jerseys after that match.

Anyone else get scolded for drinking, chanting, and generally having fun?

Dougiefresh said...

well said SF and hey, I'm sold. sec 101 even had a song praising the dirty jerz! nice one.

you'll be happy to know that the Altidore jersey is on route to my house as we speak.

SF said...

Glad to hear you have hopped on the J-train...enjoy him beofre he goes to Europe. I have so much more to say about this match, keep checking back.

Ekkracrippy said...

Mmmmm... the Lamb sho-nuff lied down on Broadway, Saturday night (fanga lickin' good). But who knew way back when that after F.O.A.B.P. ... the future was about to look up its own ass for twenty years! Now days Mista Chuck has to go to France to get paid. DAMN.

Anonymous said...

Was screaming at home like everyone else who wasnt in the NYC area.

Man what a game