Celebs, Henry Rollins' Letter to Becks

So this was the week where soccer in America went all Hollywood. On Wednesday Chesea hosted a party that was filled with enough celebrity trash to fill a Los Angeles landfill; I'd put $5 on it that the chalk lines on the field would pale in size to the white lines in the toilets.

By now you've seen the red-carpet roll call from the HDC saturday; Posh was sipping Crystal with Eva Longoria, TomKat and alien baby Suri, Jennifer Love Hewwitt was there with her rack out for the viewing pleasure of ESPN's worldwide audience, and Drew Carey was there as usual and possibly pissed off that he isn't the most famous guy in the building anymore.

After the game Goldenballs and the rest of the Galaxy were spotted getting pissed up at Skybar. Then on Sunday night Becks & his missus were the guests of honor at a party thrown for them by TomKat and Will Smith & Jada Pinkett. No confirmation from either camp as to whether it was a "key party" or not.

Image courtesy of PerezHilton.com

One person who couldn't make any of the weekends mass ass-kissings was punk rock icon (and protein shake abuser) Henry Rollins. While he couldn't make it to welcome Becks to America in person he was kind enough to A) not wear his short-shorts as to not scare the children and B) pen the video letter below. That's the problem with today's society...people don't write enough letters anymore.


Anonymous said...

From Jenny:

This is so funny. Henry thanks for not kissing his ass. You rule. Love your tv show.

Anonymous said...

Oh good God. Nice one, Hank. I like him so much better when he's being funny instead of screaming over and over again about how hard he is.

SF said...

You have to see his letter to Ann Coulter...insta-classic (just like Black Flag's "Loose Nut".

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