Adidas Fanatic: Syrup Boyz Triumph

A few weeks ago I mentioned two amateur soccer tournaments that where coming up in NYC and LA, Adidas Fanatic and AdiCup respectively. As I found myself engaged at another BBQ-bonanza that I could not pry myself away from I missed the NYC party-cum-cup this past Saturday.

Tribeca-based side Syrup Kidz took the whole shebang-a-bang though with an epic performance over the AdiCup winning side from LA. Syrup Boyz skipper Omino Gardezi (who is also Vice President of the dead nice design collective
Syrup) sent in this thorough report that makes me wish I wasn't too wrapped up in slow-cooked, sauced-up meats served with a side of Tecate to attend. Damn…I'll get 'em next year.


More than happy to help you out with some info – I really don't think we could be more excited to have taken Fanatic by storm.We've known about the Addi cup for a while, but as spectators – drinking beers and cheering on our friends from the sidelines.

This year Oliver at Adidas smiled on us and gave us the opportunity to participate for the first time. We're pretty much obsessed with football here at Syrup and have built a rather impressive team (if I do say so myself). Most of our boys have played at some point in their lives, we play together are part of Blatte United a Swedish soccer organization. Our star player Sebastian Alvarado played for the Swedish under 17team and had trial at Espanyol and finally played for St.John here (He scored a hatrick in the final). We've won a few times, but recently had a bit of a losing streak…so I had a feeling going in to this one that the Fanatic trophy was going to be ours. I even made some space on my shelf here at Syrup, apparently didn't jinx us by telling everyone we were going to win all week.

I think the skill levels varied by group but we were pretty evenly matched in the Semi's and Final. The final was just amazing. The entire crowd was behind us as the NY team, the pace was intense, and LA (Editors note: LA was represented by La Vale FC, a team founded by and featuring British popstar and "fat dancer" Robbie Williams) was really strong - they had destroyed everyone coming into the final. They scored first but our Boyz came back hard and we beat them 5-1. Like I said, I had a feeling we would take it but nothing can compare to the actual win…the entire agency rushed the field when the whistle blew…I think I'm still hyped up.

The Syrup Kidz were not affected by the music, except in a good way. When you're playing you are so focused on the pitch that you barely notice, and when on the sidelines, it's just adds to the summertime-party atmosphere. Good stuff.

All and all it is a fantastic event - great vibe, cool people and fun play. It's really well organized, from the food to the refs and the management of the whole thing. And you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day – what really could be better on a beautiful Saturday than hanging on a rooftop, playing soccer against the city skyline, and chilling with a bunch of cool, fun people?

What Adidas is doing is great, not to mention smart - who better to get involved then the creative and media people to spread the buzz about football/soccer and of course, Adidas?

Look out LA here come the Boyz.


If you happen to be under the employ of Red Bull, LA Galaxy, or Chivas please read that last line again. Sorry, but the Futbolito thing just isn't this sexy. You lot should be all over this like Lindsay Lohan on a bottle of gin.

Check out the Syrup photo album for more shots from the event......here.

The Syrup Boyz are...

Coach Omino Gardezi: Vice President: Swedish/Indian & Persian
Assistant Coach: Robert Holzer, CEO/Founder, American

Jakob Daschek: Creative Director/Founder: Swedish/Czech Republic
Sebastian Alvarado: Business Development Manager: Swedish/Chilean & Finnish
Paul Vlachou: Art Director: Australian/Greek
Joerg Merz: Art Director: German
Dawit Kerab: Swedish/Eritrean
Pierre Byman: Swedish/ Fmr.Yugoslavia
Keke Medufia Kulego: Swedish/Ghanaian (Injured During the game had to be substituted)

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