Like Nobu & Drugs, Galaxy Are Expensive

I have been fairly critical of the Galaxy's 'Bucks for Becks'™ 2007 tour thus far, what with the random matches against random opposition in random locales. And I'm not about to do a u-turn on my position that the club's John Holmes-length schedule is going to one of their worst enemies, not only for this season but next season as well.

But I will say that if the minimum
appearance fee is a half-million dollars , I sooooo understand why you would want to put this club (to quote the great 20th century poet Too Short) "out on that stroll". 500k for an MLS side to show up and play is crazy money y'all. It's the kind of money that when people get it the lose their minds. You know, like how MC Hammer built a $40 million dollar mansion in Oakland (you could buy the whole of Oakland for that). Or how someone might think that MLS is better than the EPL .

But you know to fair this isn't shit compared to the globe-straddling 1968 tour that Lamar Hunt's Dallas Tornado undertook; 7 months, 45 matches across Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific and Asia including a stop in Vietnam where there was oh, like a war going on! And all of this before they team ever set foot in Dallas.

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Anonymous said...

btw: mc hammer's mansion was in fremont.

and oakland is a pretty expensive place actually - go figure. much like too short, you sir have "no love for oakland."