Proof that I am Not an "Retarted"

Most people like me. Some love me. Others merely tolerate me. And a select few think less of me. Sometimes I get emails calling me one of several species of jackass. Recently I was called "retarted" by someone in the comments.

That is obviously not true (at least in my small mind) and I have the proof! Did you happen to see Cash Cab yesterday? I was on there with a couple of cats from work and I straight out ran that shit. Carried those fools like I was Beyonce and they were Destiny's other children. And I'm pretty sure we were the 1st people to make it rain on the Discovery Channel like, ever.


Mr. Fish said...

You are officially the Shinznit!
Cash Cab: my news favorite show.
Well done!

BC said...

Nice one!
Retarded? I think not. A bastion of opinion and semi-worthless information..... possibly. But hey, even that pays off sometimes.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Wow! Strong work. My new favorite footie site, too.

CousinBinksta said...

You fuck.

You're bringing your own beer next time.

Shiners for 20.00 a pop.

I'm gettin' some o' dat.