Just a Thought...

So read this piece in the Houston Chronicle about one of biggest dilemmas facing MLS; how does the league rope in the hardcore fan....the "Eurosnob" and the Mexican fan? Now the guy in the article lives in LA so I can't for the life of me figure out why he hasn't gotten his ass of the couch and down to the HDC. I like going down to the bar on Saturday morning and getting blind drunk before 10am as much as the next guy, but you just can't beat live atmosphere, live support, and the sound of the ball hitting net live.

I love watching Fulham on FSC, but I don't daydream about it like I do when it comes to tailgating for 5 hours before the game (to beat the parking nazis), catching up with my boys that I pretty much only see at the game, marching in to the stadium, and singing wildly inappropriate songs at the opposition. At any given match roughly 25% of the tickets are comps; wouldn't it be a good idea for clubs to give these tickets to their hardcore supporters (their most vocal evangelists) to use to recruit for their supporters groups? If they are successful not only does the group gain new blood, but the club also gains more vocal support and a new season ticket holder.

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