C-O-N Spiracy

First off I apologize for my crap photoshop skills but the picture was not copy & paste-able from the original source, but integral to the story. TOR reader J Ray sent in the following note:

"Conspiracy guys will love this, how about Kilinsi can't coach the US Nats because of his lifetime adidas contract????? Check out the kicks he is sporting in the UK Sun photo....I guess this means its a done deal now right? "
Link here.

Done deal? I wouldn't go that far but it does make me question the man's sense of brand loyalty. Personally I think he could be a fantastic coach depending on how good his knowledge of the American player pool is. But I would only offer the gig to him under the proviso that he force Torsten Frings to make a formal apology for the 2002 handball that I will never, ever get over.

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