Kansas City stadium two-step

Our brothers & sisters out in the great state of Utah aren't the only people with stadium issues this off-season. It's been known for a while now that Kansas City would have to find an alternate venue to play in while Arrowhead was being renovated as OnGoal is still trying to work out their deal for a new SSS. The old word on the street was that the Wizards were looking to retro-fit a high school stadium to use for 2 seasons. Now a return to Arrowhead is the new word on the street.

As a famous Kansan with a propensity to wear red shoes and carry around a small yappy dog (no, Paris Hilton is not from Wichita) once said "There is no place like home". Most people have never been fans of MLS sides playing in enormodromes, but it's been a necessary evil. But faced with the alternative of playing at a high school stadium I would guess most of the Wizards faithful will welcome a return to the Cauldron (albeit temporary) with open arms.

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